Arts Award Supporters on Artsbox - create your digital badge!

What is Artsbox?

Artsbox is a free digital space and app for children and young people who are working towards their Arts Award or simply want to record their arts experiences in one place and share them with others safely. Over 7000 young people and arts education professionals are already using Artsbox as a tool to support their cultural journey. Take a look!

Artsbox supports young people working towards Arts Award by offering them guidance and a digital portfolio.

Supporters on Artsbox

Young people can now find and research Supporters that are based within public venues on the Artsbox website. Users of the Artsbox app on IOS mobiles or iPads can search and locate public venue Supporters nearby, and gain a digital badge on check-in to the Supporter venue. View mock-up

Arts Award advisers can also allocate Supporter digital badges to young people's profiles on Artsbox. This should raise awareness of Supporters and motivate young people to use your offers.

Create your Supporter digital badge

Supporters can choose from a range of digital badges reflecting key art forms and carrying your name. Just like this one:
Create Studios Badge

1 Choose your shape from these three options:
Choose your shape

2 Choose your colour from these five options:
Choose your colour

3 Choose your art form symbol from these sixteen options:
Choose your artform

Please update your Supporter profile with your choice of name, symbol, badge shape and colour.