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Arts Award Supporter is a free scheme which helps you reach young people who are doing their Arts Award. You don’t have to provide free activities and your existing education programme is likely to link well with Arts Award.  Being a Supporter offers you a new marketing channel to audiences looking for events and arts opportunities in your area.

Read on for our guidance on creating a great Arts Award offer:

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Why be a Supporter? 

Being a Supporter is an excellent way to show teachers, parents and young people that you welcome young people into your organisation. Many teachers and young people are looking for activities to complete their Arts Award and carrying the Arts Award Supporter logo on your website and marketing materials gives them a reason to choose you over a competitor. 

Supporters are useful in enabling young people to get the final part of their Arts Award and display their artwork in galleries. Professionals coming into school helps the children engage, and the staff learn a lot too. Teacher, SEN School

Being a Supporter has helped us to generate community awareness of, and interest in, a variety of art forms and commitment to Arts Award through students and their families.  Arts Award Supporte

You are looking at the wider world, that is what’s useful, your teacher has been doing the same thing for so many years, it shows that there is a different thing each season, so you are pushing yourself outside of that inner circle and building the contacts and learning more about what style you might be into as well, one theatre might be completely different to another one but you’ve got to realise what artist you want to be, you are not going to get that if you are in the same shell, you’ve got to branch out and see what’s going on. Arts Award Youth Members Network 

Your Supporter offer

Your Arts Award Supporter offer can include any activity you currently run for young people. As a Supporter you are providing stimulus and opportunities, whereas the Arts Award adviser will ensure that young people complete their award. 

Young people doing their Arts Award range from 5-25, and you can offer activities to any or all age groups. There are five Arts Award levels and you can read a handy overview in the Supporter Starter Kit or find out more on the Arts Award website 

Your offer could include: workshops, courses, gallery/museum viewings, meet the artist/crew/staff, watching performances, work experience/volunteering opportunities

Art forms include (but not limited to): theatre, dance, visual art, storytelling, writing, puppetry, pottery, craft, photography, videography, backstage/technical skills, heritage, curation, game design

Case Studies

What do other people do?  Check out our Supporter spotlights profiling a range of arts and cultural organisations with very different offers.

Your Supporter webpage

We recommend that the webpage which carries your Arts Award offer is badged with the Arts Award Supporter logo and provides:

  1. a short overview of what you offer to schools and young people 
  2. a photo and a brief paragraph on each area of your work, including which age group you work with eg performances, workshops, courses, exhibitions, volunteering opportunities, festivals etc, with links to other pages with details about prices, booking etc.
  3. a clear call to action with contact details

You can incorporate this into your existing education or youth page - just add the Supporter logo! 

Get some ideas from our short video called Making your Supporter webpage  

REMEMBER it’s likely to be busy teachers viewing this page or young people trying to find relevant activities. Make it as easy as possible for them to understand what you do and how you can help them, then click through to get details of areas which interest them.

How to sign up

When you sign up as a Supporter we ask for your company name, address, public email, public phone number, website address. We recommend you use an email such as education@, info@, rather than a specific person.  

We recommend that the public weblink you share on the Supporter map provides information about your Arts Award Supporter offer, or is an education or young people’s page, rather than your home page, so that busy teachers can find relevant information quickly.

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How to promote your offer:

Main Supporter Logo:

'a' Stamp:

Download all Supporter logos, including white backgrounds, png etc as a zip file here.

The Supporter Starter Kit

The Starter Kit is a downloadable PDF that gives you an overview of each of the levels of the Arts Award, and suggestions of what your offer might be at each level, plus helpful advice on promoting your offer.

How to be a Supporter videos

How to videos – a series of videos looking at how to create an offer, how to promote your offer, your Supporter web page and how to find local Arts Award centres

How to promote to young people 

Arts Award Voice is a young people's online magazine, where you can list upcoming events, workshops, performances and opportunities. Create a profile on Voice and young people can find your offer near them. You can also request that young people review events at your organisation and their reviews will appear on your profile.

How do I know if anyone is using our Supporter offer?

Ask if young people are doing Arts Award:

  • when groups (schools, youth or uniformed groups such as the Guides) book onto workshops/tours/performances
  • at open workshops and events
  • when teachers provide email addresses to get access to education packs

Hold this information with your education or young people databases so you can track numbers.

Make sure other staff (like box office or reception) know about your Arts Award Supporter offer and can help you collect the data.

Further help

Need to change any details which appear on the map? Contact [email protected] or call 020 7820 6178

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