Arts Award Supporter Spotlight

The Ambassador Theatre Group

The Ambassador Theatre Group owns theatres across the UK as well as many of London’s West End venues and the Creative Learning team’s offer includes visits, workshops and regular classes and groups.

Karen Townsend, Head of Learning and Access, says 'ATG understands that their theatres are at the very heart of the local community. We welcome the opportunity it will give to young people to enjoy new cultural experiences.'

ATG’s Creative Learning team became an Arts Award Supporter to give young people an opening for social and educational development through participation in the arts.

Here’s an example of some of ATG’s Creative Learning offers

Theatre tours: find out about some of the UK’s historic theatres from the people who work there. This could support arts research at any level of Arts Award, and the architecture, sets and technical equipment could be the catalyst for an arts challengev

Bespoke workshops: linked to shows or to develop performance skills. Ideal for discovering, exploring or developing arts skills

Talks and Q&A sessions with theatre professionals: aside from being on stage there are hundreds of other vital jobs in running theatres and staging shows. Perfect for finding out about careers in theatre!

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