What is Arts Award Supporter?

Arts Award Supporter is a badge which shows your organisation offers activities which young people can take part in when doing their Arts Award, such as shows, exhibitions, workshops, meet the artist sessions, work experience etc. See examples in Supporter Spotlights.

Is Arts Award well recognised?

Arts Award has been running since 2005 and by January 2018 355,992 awards have been achieved by young people. Read the latest participation figures.

Arts Award has five levels, four of which are accredited on the the RQF (Regulated Qualifications Framework). The highest level, Gold, carries 16 UCAS points. More about Arts Award

Where is Arts Award available?

Arts Award is available throughout the UK. Young people work towards their award at an Arts Award centre. Any organisation which supports young people’s arts activities can register as a centre if it employs or links with a trained Arts Award adviser. A centre may be a school, college, youth club, arts organisation, gallery, library, museum or theatre.

How are Supporters promoted?

Find out more in our Promote your offer section

Is there any quality check on Supporter offers?

When you sign up as an Arts Award Supporter, you accept our terms & conditions and confirm you have a Child Protection Policy.

We carry out spot checks on Supporter offers and weblinks to ensure they are accessible and appropriate, and young people can review Supporter offers on Artsbox and Arts Award Voice.

We investigate user complaints promptly and work to resolve any issues, but Trinity College London is not responsible for the quality of provision within any Supporter offer.

Do Supporters need to offer free activities?

No, Supporters decide whether to charge normal prices for activities, or to offer discounted or free tickets to Arts Award groups or individuals. Supporter status enables you to package your offer and make it easy for schools and Arts Award centres to understand how your work links with the Arts Award.

Use the badge to encourage people to come into your organisation. See our Promote your offer section for ideas.

Do Supporters need to run DBS checks on their staff?

We require you to have a Child Protection policy in place, which is likely to include DBS checks where appropriate, but we do not require you to run DBS checks on all staff in order to become a Supporter.

If staff members are not DBS checked, we advise that they should not be left in charge or alone with children and young people. Your organisation is responsible for young people’s safety and wellbeing.

How do Supporters find Arts Award centres?

Visit the Arts Award centre map to download a list of Arts Award centres in your area which have consented to make their details public.

What ongoing support and resources are available?

Visit this website site for help and information and look out for the termly Supporter enews. Supporters are entitled to a free half hour phone call to help you plan your offer. You can also book a half day planning session at your site for a small fee – contact [email protected]. Your local Bridge organisation will also be able to support you and promote your offer, and may run occasional Supporter workshops.

What is a child protection policy/public liability insurance?

A child protection policy is a written or verbal statement about safeguarding children when they are interacting with your organisation. Your organisation is likely to have public liability insurance as part of interacting with the public, you do not need to take anything out specifically to be part of Arts Award Supporter.

Can an account have more than one Supporter profile?

Yes, if your organisation sits across multiple venues or you are part of a collective of organisations (eg a group of museums or heritage venues) and would like to feature all of these on the Supporter map under one login then you can create multiple profiles within your Supporter account.

If you would like to sign up a group of organisations that have the same Supporter offer (such as a group of libraries), which will be managed by one individual then please get in touch with us on [email protected] and we can advise on the best way for you to sign-up.