Are you applying to be part of Arts Council England‘s National Portfolio?

Arts Award Supporter can demonstrate your commitment to young people – and you can be a Supporter even if you don’t have a venue or much space capacity!

Being a Supporter means that your organisation offers activities that can help young people to achieve an Arts Award. 

Read more about Arts Award and Supporter

If you offer one thing that can contribute to any of these strands then you can be an Arts Award Supporter. You might: 

•    run arts workshops 
•    offer talks about your organisation or artists
•    put on shows that young people can attend
•    provide an online resource, which explores an art form or artists

The Poetry Society is an excellent example. Their online website has information about a wide variety of poets, explanations of different poetry forms, examples of poems both written and performed, and they host a competition each year by young people can win meant touring from a respected poet. Read more

As a Supporter, you don’t oversee the young people completing their portfolios. You simply make explicit how your existing education programme could link to Arts Award, and then you promote your offer to local Arts Award centres.  You can use the Supporter logo on your promo material and post upcoming events and workshops on Arts Award Voice, our online arts magazine for young people. 

Find out more about Arts Award and the NPO application.