Promoting your Supporter Offer

Being a Supporter can benefit your organisation by giving you access to new audiences. You can use the badge to strengthen your offer to schools and youth groups as well as promoting directly to young people doing Arts Award.

How to promote your offer:

Main Supporter Logo:

'a' Stamp:

Download all Supporter logos, including white backgrounds, png etc as a zip file here.

Who does what?

Nationally Trinity College London promotes Supporters to Arts Award centres through its websites, regular ecomms and social media.

Locally it’s your job to promote your Supporter offer by using the logos in relevant places, by maintaining current information on your website, and by contacting local Arts Award centre.

The secrets of promoting your Supporter offer successfully

  • Use the logo... Use the Arts Award brand and affiliate yourself with it. Use the Supporter logo and the ‘a stamp’ on websites and marketing materials

  • Keep it simple... Make it easy for teachers and other youth workers to understand your offer and see if it does or doesn’t fit what they need. Make sure you don’t use jargon and make it easily understandable. Fit it with the Arts Award - Use your existing offers and package them up so that they fit with the themes of the Arts Awards (look at the Starter Kit for help!) and make it easy for people to find.

  • Get repeat visits... If your work fits with the Arts Award then a school is more likely to come back to you next year. Follow up with people who booked last term and see if they want a repeat visit – or if you can extend your offer to other year groups within the same school.

  • Have a look at our case studies for more ideas.